Approximately two years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease which has affected my left side. I started doing Pilates with Cindy approximately one year ago and since that time I have noticed that my posture has improved, my core has strengthened, I have gained more agility and flexibility. The towel work that I do on a regular basis has also helped to keep my upper body from becoming rigid, which is a characteristic of Parkinson’s.
I highly endorse Pilates for anyone looking to improve their overall well being. 


I have been attending Cindy’s Personal Pilates classes for the past 8 years. I had had persistent back issues which often radiated into my hips and sometimes my knees. I originally signed up for one, then two classes but as Cindy gradually changed her focus from pilates to gyrotonic and gyrokinesis, I

became a convert and regular student of two semi private Gyrotonic tower lessons and one Gyrokenisis class per week. 

Due to my regular class attendance, my range of motion has not only improved, but this year, I have been able to resume golf after a 14 year absence. It is extremely gratifying to work with Cindy in her small, quiet and Gyro dedicated environment. In doing so, Cindy is able to quickly assess and address any movement issues that I or her other students might be encountering.

I have highly recommended Cindy and Personal Pilates Ottawa to friends, and will continue to do so.


Many years of pro hockey followed by a second career as a fire fighter was very physically demanding and has taken a toll on my body over the years of abuse.  I started attending Pilates classes with Cindy 4 or 5 years ago with my wife.  Pilates helped improve both core strength and flexibility.  More recently, Cindy introduced us to Gyrokineiss.

Cindy's ability to expertly teach us Gyrokinesis body work has provided me with a very safe and effective activity that helps to improve my quality of life, as I reduce stiffness and improve flexibility.  It has helped to reduce and relieve chronic pain for me.


Having suffered with back pain for over 10 years I was afraid of movement and exercise.  I gave up hope of ever being pain free.  Cindy has guided me expertly and patiently throughout my sessions on the tower.  In only 2 months I've seen an improvement in my posture, balance, flexibility, and core strength with the added bonus of more pain free days and an increase in my quality of life.  I look forward to each session as I become stronger and more confident.

J. Avez

… Usually yoga is hard for me (even overwhelming) and not fun, but I feel great afterward. However, in your class every movement was a luxurious experience AND I also felt amazing afterward!   …   love mixing muscle strengthening with muscle lengthening and flexibility! I've never experienced those two feelings - of muscle workout and muscle lengthening - at the same time. Your helpful personalized teaching style and the small class size also ensured that I got the best out of the movements and did not waste my time doing them wrong and not feeling the benefits  … The next morning when I (more easily than normal) rolled out of bed to do my normal stretch to my toes, I noticed that I effortlessly had about six inches more flexibility than normal! I was very surprised by that!   …   I've had injuries and I have no doubt that GYROKINESIS® training will help restore wholeness to my movements in those injured areas. It has helped my shoulder already   … This has been life changing for me after just one class - I feel like this is a life turning-point. I want GYROKINESIS®  training in my life from now on! I love it and can't wait to see where it takes me!


Cindy Vervaeke has been my Pilates instructor for more than five years and under her patient, precise and expert guidance, I have learned the techniques that have eliminated years of debilitating lower back pain and restored me to an active lifestyle. Cindy is one of only a handful of Canadian instructors who have been trained in the Ron Fletcher Pilates method, and each week, she designs and guides me through exercise routines that are tailored to my particular needs. Her studio is a relaxed and welcoming place, filled with state-of-the-art, uniquely crafted Pilates equipment. The workout sessions on the reformer, spine corrector and chair are specially designed to develop core strength and elongate the muscles groups, while working the body in alignment. I am fitter and stronger now than I have been in my whole life!