The GYROTONIC® system has multiple exercises for every part of the golf swing.  It will help you increase and strengthen your hip and shoulder turn, improve the  rotation of the arms, strengthen your wrists and forearms and improve your  cardiovascular fitness. Simply put, it is finest exercise system out there for  golfers. With GYROTONIC® training, golf students will play more consistently,  hit the ball further and straighter, help to avoid injury and enjoy the game  more. It helps people get better faster. 

Conventional strength training has limitations for golfers because  flexibility isn't stressed enough. Flexibility on its own is not enough either,  because a great deal of strength is needed to swing a golf club well. Most  adults and now, increasing numbers of junior golfers, simply do not have enough  flexibility or strength to physically get where they need to be in a golf  swing.

GYROTONIC® training gives golfers the best combination possible for both  strength and flexibility training. It works for golfers of all ages and fitness  levels. These exercises are applicaable to kids as young as 6 and golfers as old as 86.  GYROTONIC® exercises work for people of all handicap levels as well. We have  worked with PGA Tour players, PGA Professionals, low and high handicap golfers  and even beginning golfers.

The success that we have had combining GYROTONIC® Training and GYROTONIC®  Applications for Golf Instruction have been phenomenal. Students are getting  their games to a level that they never thought they could achieve. GYROTONIC®  Training allows people to get to fitness levels that other training systems just  can't match. It can help golfers to correct lifelong flawed movement patterns.  It is the perfect compliment for golf.

David Rasmussen,   Golf Professional